2022 NFL schedule: Teams get creative in reaction to full schedule launch


But to spice up what is usually a relatively straightforward procedure, teams have really taken the opportunity to get creative.

On Thursday, the NFL and its franchises announced the schedule for the 2022 season, with exact dates and weeks revealed for some tantalizing matchups.

The Los Angeles Chargers, famous for their creative use of social media, have decided to announce their next program in the form of an animated film.

Defending Super Bowl champions, the LA Rams, have released a video called “Stealing the Schedule” which features some of the team’s biggest stars trying to pull off a heist to reveal the dates of the team’s games.

The Indianapolis Colts released a video of new quarterback Matt Ryan – nicknamed Matty Ice – doing some ice carving, while the New York Jets released their schedule ‘out of context’, the highlight being Jets players row alongside a Viking longship, heralding the team’s Week 13 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Key games

Far from funny videos and entertaining tweets – including the Chargers thread of their 2022 adversaries like the popular breakfast and snack Pop Tarts – mouth-watering games were announced on Thursday.

The season will kick off with a bang on Thursday, Sept. 8, with the defending champion Rams hosting the Buffalo Bills in what could be a first-ever look at Super Bowl LVII.

Other huge games of note include the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Chargers in Week 2, the Green Bay Packers hosting the Rams in Week 15, and a New Years Day clash between Los Angeles with the Chargers hosting the Rams – although they both play at home at SoFi Stadium.

One of the other big days in NFL football is Thanksgiving, with a triple header of games usually offered while families enjoy their food.

And this year is no different, with the Bills traveling to face the Detroit Lions to start the proceedings, followed by the New York Giants at the Dallas Cowboys and finishing with the New England Patriots traveling to Minnesota to conclude. football bonanza.

Unlike years past, the NFL is increasing the number of games it typically hosts on Christmas Day to three this year.

On Sunday, December 25, the Miami Dolphins will host the Packers, the Rams will host the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The full NFL schedule for the 2022 season is available here.

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