Biden, who pledged empathy in 2020, blasted for abandoning Americans abroad


President Biden has campaigned on empathy, but he is now criticized for his “wickedness” for leaving Americans and Afghans at the mercy of the Taliban.

“Empathy matters. Compassion matters. We have to reach out and heal this country – and that is what I will do as President ” Biden promised in February 2020. His campaign to “restore the soul of America” ​​and “heal this country” leaned heavily on his personal story of loss – the loss of his wife in a car accident and the loss of his son elder, Beau Biden.

Biden asserted that Trump never said “anything that comes close to a heartfelt expression of empathy for people in pain,” while Democrat after Democrat mentioned empathy while endorsing Biden.

“Empathy matters,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Approving of Biden. She said the “unspeakable tragedy” that Biden faced animated “the empathy he extends to struggling Americans – whatever their history.”


When Biden won the election, his campaign posted video panels at a rally in Delaware, proclaiming, “People chose empathy.”

But KT McFarland, deputy national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, lambasted Biden for “nastiness” that embodies the opposite of his campaign promises.

“The nastiness, I think, is that he looks so callous to the people who have been supporting us for twenty years and he’s all over the place because on one side he’s like ‘Oh they didn’t fight. , they’re worth nothing, ‘and yesterday he said,’ We’re going to get everyone out, ‘”the Americans and the Afghans.

“And I mean, it’s very unrealistic. Isn’t it? Because there are probably 3,000 Afghans who want to come out, and I don’t know how we can get them all out, certainly not in the deadlines, ”noted McFarland.

On Friday, Biden met his August 31 deadline to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, although he suggested the troops could stay beyond that date. Biden also said there were still between 10,000 and 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan.

Robert Charles, a former assistant secretary of state to President George W. Bush, told Fox News that there could be as many as 40,000 Americans in the country, however.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said US military planes evacuated about 13,000 people between August 14 and August 20, but McFarland noted that not all Americans in Afghanistan live close to the capital Kabul.

“I don’t think they’re getting the Americans out that quickly,” McFarland said. “They are not all in Kabul. We have a very large presence all over the country, and in particular with NGOs all over the country.”


“In many cases there will also be like two or three people working in a school” in a remote area, she added. “They are all alone now.”

“They are now in a position where they have to go to Kabul, on unpaved roads, through the checkpoints of various tribal groups, find their way to Kabul,” McFarland said. “Once in Kabul, they have to fight their way through the Taliban militia.”

The former Trump adviser noted a “weird disconnect that Biden has.” She conceded that “maybe he thinks it’s true”, but insisted that US officials “need to know that they can’t get everyone out.”

“He clearly made some sort of deal with the Taliban that US forces won’t leave the perimeter as long as they let our people through, and so we’re counting on the goodwill of the Taliban, the guys who were just trying to kill. us, ”McFarland said. She noted that the United States “first abandoned all military bases. It’s like one incompetent thing after another, which is quite astonishing.”

McFarland also noted Biden’s claims that America is “back” now that Trump is no longer in power.

“We have certainly abdicated this leadership role in Afghanistan,” she said. “I think we should have gotten out, but not in this chaotic way where everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. It’s all down to our stupidity to deal with it.”

McFarland pointed out that what she suggested was Biden’s most callous statement about the withdrawal.

“Be clear, any American who wants to come home, we’ll take you home,” Biden said Friday.


“Biden keeps saying, ‘We’ll get anyone out who wants to go,’” McFarland noted. “That, to me, is just a red flag there. So is his argument that if they don’t go to Kabul airport, does that mean they don’t? don’t want to leave? “

“What about the people who are all over the country, and they can’t do it?” Does that mean they’re going to be counted as people who don’t want to leave? she added.

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