Breaking news from Afghanistan as Taliban take matters into their own hands: Live updates


The 29-year-old was about to attend a seminar at a school in Kabul on Sunday when she received a phone call informing her that the Taliban had entered the capital.

“I was just crying and told my husband what is going to happen now? Said the woman, who works in the education sector and asked not to be identified for her safety. “I picked up my phone and kept calling my sisters and relatives … we just contacted a lot of people (asking) how to get there, how to leave the country.”

In the end, she decided to go to her parents’ house for safety. During the cab ride, she saw the city crumble into chaos through the window, with terrified people everywhere “trying to find a safe place for themselves.”

“I just saw these Taliban, (they were) like wild animals in the streets with their long dirty hair,” she said. “They were just looking around, and they had guns on their shoulders.”

Before the Taliban took power, she could travel alone, hold a job and have an independent source of income. “But now I feel like I’m in prison,” she said. “I can’t do anything and I’m afraid (of) when the Taliban come to my house and when they shoot me.”

The Taliban have assured the Afghan and international communities that they will allow women to continue studying in schools under a new “inclusive Afghan Islamic government”.

But, said the 29-year-old, after the bloody and oppressive former Taliban regime, “I cannot trust a person who has killed so many innocent people. How can we trust them?”

Even though they had seen the Taliban launch their nationwide offensive with fear and concern, no one expected the nation to fall so quickly and completely – or that the Afghan president would flee and let his people fall. fend for it on your own, she said. What remains is a sense of surreal and hopelessness.

“We just feel like we are corpses, but we move,” she said.

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