The Cuomo Brothers: Report Sheds New Light on Unique Relationship



There is no relationship like this in politics or in the media: a pair of brothers, one ruling the fourth largest state in the country, the other hosting one of the most important shows in the world. cable television. At the moment, the two men are standing under a very bright spotlight.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power – documented in excruciating detail by NY AG Letitia James’ report – lead him down the path to impeachment. Chris Cuomo’s role as a member of his brother’s inner circle, a role that raises serious questions about journalistic responsibilities and ethics, is also detailed in the report. Chris surely has a lot to say about his brother. But for the moment he remains silent: he did not mention the scandal on “Cuomo Prime Time” Tuesday evening.
Everyone is talking about it though. The political storm around Governor Cuomo dominated all of the nightly news reports. And CNN’s coverage of the governor was scathing all afternoon and evening. At 8 p.m., for example, “Anderson Cooper 360” broadcast the New York news while MSNBC and Fox broadcast other stories. “It is not clear” if he “can perform the basic function of government and governance in this state”, Maggie Haberman noted.
Per Haberman’s NYT colleague Katie Glueck, “Events could unfold quickly: someone familiar with the process said it would only take a month to complete the investigation and draft the articles of impeachment. A state Senate trial could begin as early as the end of the year. September or early October. “Details here …

CNN angle

Can Chris Cuomo continue to helm his 9pm show while still being connected to one of the biggest stories in politics? CNN management said yes on Tuesday by keeping it on the air. Chris started calling his show a “Covid command center” last week and he’s been keeping the theme Tuesday, leading with the surge in Covid cases among the unvaccinated and to interview Jerome Adams on this.
Inside CNN, some staff I spoke with supported Cuomo on Tuesday, acknowledging that no one chooses his family members and that viewers expected to see him on air for “Prime Time.” One of the top rated shows on the network. Some other staff were, as BuzzFeed News wrote, “very critical of the company’s decision not to discipline Chris Cuomo for his role in the scandal.”

It’s because of Chris Cuomo’s role in advising his brother, and even collaborating with members of his brother’s senior staff, as accusations of sexual harassment peaked earlier this year. The Washington Post covered it in May, and CNN publicly berated Chris for participating in appeals with governor’s staff. Chris also publicly apologized to his colleagues at the time for putting them in a “bad situation”.

A CNN spokeswoman declined to comment further on the case on Tuesday. Chris was mentioned a few times in the GA report. As NYT’s Michael Grynbaum wrote: “A document included in the report shows Chris Cuomo participating in a February 28 email chain in which the group wrote an official public statement for Governor Cuomo; the statement was released by the governor’s office later today. . Chris Cuomo appeared to weigh in on the wording of the statement, although it was not clear if he had written it. ”

“A unique challenge”

People who listen to the CNN host’s radio show on SiriusXM have heard his feelings about his brother in recent weeks. He prepared for AG’s report, expecting it to fall in early August. On the air, he sometimes seemed protective of his brother; bitter about political warfare at other times; and detached from him at other times. Overall I would say he looked realistic about life as a member of his famous political family.

>> When Chris apologized in May, he said on his show, “Being a journalist and brother to a politician is … a unique challenge, and I have a unique responsibility to balance those roles.”

How it’s covered

– Immediately after Chris Cuomo transferred to Don Lemon for “CNN Tonight”, Lemon said “The calls are getting louder,” meaning the calls for “Governor Cuomo to step down …”
– The headline of the banner on at this time: “Biden calls on Cuomo to quit after sexual harassment report.” “
–One of Governor Cuomo’s accusers, Charlotte Bennett, gave an exclusive interview to Norah O’Donnell for the “CBS Evening News”. Bennett said “if he is not ready to resign then we have a responsibility to act and to remove him …”
– Lester Holt had an exclusive with Albany County District Attorney David Soares, who noted “we will conduct our own independent investigation …”
– Philip Bump said that “the most heinous allegation against Andrew Cuomo centers on a soldier in New York State”. Note the parts on the Albany Times-Union …
– Le 19: “Andrew Cuomo’s response to the harassment report is not new to the men in power …”

New York State Newspapers Say ‘Cuomo Must Go’

A front-page editorial scoured Gannett’s 12 local New York publications on Wednesday, calling on Cuomo to step down, along with countless elected officials. The editorial says “We repeat the call we made in early March – that for good governance and for the dignity of women everywhere, Cuomo must leave his office. Now we say he must leave immediately.” .

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