Faster Horses Festival: 3 dead, 2 hospitalized for suspected carbon monoxide exposure



Two other men inside the trailer were taken to hospital after first responders found them unresponsive and performed CPR at the scene, the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release .

The couple were in critical condition and were being treated for acute carbon monoxide poisoning, police said.

Emergency services responded to the trailer after receiving a call around 1:27 p.m. Saturday about unresponsive people at a Woodstock Township campground during the Faster Horses Festival, a multi-day country music festival .

“The caller was a friend of the five men and was concerned when he hadn’t heard from them,” police said.

Police are investigating the “tragic incident” as an alleged exposure to carbon monoxide from a generator located near the trailer.

“First responders stress the importance of keeping generators away from camping areas, tents, caravans, etc. as well as the exhaust fumes from moving vehicles,” police said.

The Township of Woodstock is located approximately 80 miles west of Detroit.

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