Suspect faces multiple murder charges after spa shootings


Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators believe the gunman accused of shooting and killing several people at three different Atlanta-area spas on Tuesday purchased the gun he used in the attack this week, CNN told CNN. police sources.

One of the sources said nothing in suspect Robert Aaron Long’s background would have prevented the purchase.

Long is accused of shooting and killing several people at three different Atlanta-area spas on Tuesday, authorities said.

In a press conference Wednesday, Sheriff Frank Reynolds of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said Long “had made indicators that he was having problems, potentially sex addiction, and that he could have frequent some of these places in the past. ”

Reynolds told reporters Long’s family reported him to authorities on Tuesday.

A police source said the suspect was recently kicked out of the house by his family due to his sex addiction, which the source said involved spending hours frequently watching pornography online.

According to a CCSO incident report, a 911 caller said the suspect could be her son and “has a tracker on his phone.” Another anonymous 911 caller told dispatch the suspect was “kicked out of his parents’ house last night,” adding he “was moved,” the incident report said.

Long, 21, has been charged with “four counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault and has no connection,” the OHCC said in a statement Wednesday. He is currently being held at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. He could face separate charges for the shootings he is believed to have committed in Atlanta, but authorities have yet to indict him.

According to two police sources involved in the investigation, Long tried to justify his actions when he told police he was considering suicide, but instead decided to “help” other people with sex addictions. by targeting spas.

One of the sources told CNN that the suspect was under suicide watch and was wearing a vest meant to protect him from self-harm in the rant.

FBI agents from the local Atlanta office’s civil rights team continue to investigate whether race was a factor in the murders, one of the sources said.

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