Atlanta-area spa shootings kill eight


An Asian-American justice group accused white supremacy and racism of being the cause of the Atlanta shooting on Tuesday night and is calling on communities of color to come together to condemn racist violence.

In a statement on Wednesday, Stephanie Cho, executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, said:

“We are heartbroken by these acts of violence. Six Asian women lost their lives. The time has come to keep the victims and their families in our hearts and in our light. We call on our allies from all communities of color to stand by our side in grief and solidarity against racist violence in all its forms. When the most vulnerable members of our community are targeted, we must all come together. “

“While the details of the shooting still emerge, it came about under the trauma of growing violence against Asian Americans across the country, fueled by white supremacy and systemic racism. for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased the incidence of hatred and violence against Asian Americans. According to the most recent data, hate incidents targeting Asian Americans increased by almost 150% in 2020, with Asian women being twice as likely to be targeted, “the statement continued.

Phi Nguyen, the organization’s legal director, said: “The fact that the Asian women murdered yesterday held very vulnerable jobs during an ongoing pandemic is a direct testament to the cumulative effects of sexism, structural violence and supremacy. white. “

The statement called on local and state authorities to “provide strong interpretation and language translation of crisis response resources, including support for mental health and immigration services.” It is time for Georgia to invest in transformative justice that begins with interracial dialogue and community. -building.”

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