FRESH BAR featured in St. Charles Ave Magazine

FRESH BAR is featured in St. Charles Avenue Magazine October issue as your go-to catering option for Holiday Entertaining (pg. 38)

With your plates, napkins and cups chosen, it’s time to plan the food and drink to accompany them. Depending on the event size, you may decide to cook, cater or use a combination of both. For a light holiday meal or a fresh addition to a larger menu, Fresh Bar (6101 Magazine St., 309-9513, offers a refreshingly new alternative to a boring bowl of salad.

“We offer a premium salad and wrap bar, which can be help-yourself or full-service,” says owner Ellie Thomas. From small-scale wrap platters to a full-service salad bar, Fresh Bar can accommodate parties of any size and presents a fun and healthy way to cater. Salad bars consist of 12 customizable toppings, your choice of lettuce and five dressings.

“We stand out from local grocers because of our extensive menu,” says Thomas. “We have your everyday veggies, but we also offer premium toppings like artichokes, hearts of palm, avocado, nuts, dried cranberries, beets, several meats and seven different cheeses.” All create-your-own and signature salads at Fresh Bar can be made into wraps, with each wrap platter feeding 12 to 14 people.